Unexpectedly friendly service balanced by high-quality work

We started out doing freelance work in 2001 when the Internet was still pretty new. People were using 28.8 dial-up modems and had two landlines so they could be online and use the phone, too. In 2006, while attending graduate school at Saginaw Valley State University, we officially founded Westmoreland Designs. In February 2013, we relocated to Marshall, Michigan and began working with the community and are enjoying being a part of it.

Why choose Westmoreland Designs

We are self-taught as well as formally trained having earned Master’s degrees in Communications and Digital Media and holding undergraduate degrees in Sociology, Psychology and Political Science. We continue our education every day through study, research, practice and practical application as well as thought experiments utilizing highly curious and creative minds.

Westmoreland Designs is a turn-key solution for small businesses, non-profit organizations and ambitious students. We offer everything an organization needs to create an online presence and can help any student increase their skills and knowledge. With Westmoreland Designs, you will receive unexpectedly friendly service balanced by high-quality work.